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You have come to the Edu-cite that trains and transforms your communication abilities and paves your success path. You will be provided with the best of the Knowledge about English and its usage as well as the meticulous mentoring in articulating yourselves. Our passion, expertise and experience coupled with cutting edge technology will enable you to achieve your dreams and goals. Happy Learning


ACE wishes to provide best of the classroom and online education to students and imbibe better skills of communicating in the Lingua Franca, English.
ACE thus, wants to contribute to their success. We at ACE, intend to popularise the concepts of learning such as extensive and engaged reading, receptive learning and expressive reinforcement of knowledge.
We achieve this through activity-based learning, role plays, story-telling, debates, discussions and personality building of the young ones who will be torch bearers of future. ACE aims to promote interest in language studies among the current generation through scholarly cognitive tools


ACE aims to train more than 10000 students and make them fluent in speakers of English by end of 2025. We aim to support 1000 students to clear language exams and realise their dreams of acquiring advanced education abroad or immigrate to accomplish their goals.
ACE also aims to recruit more than 100 trainers and teachers of the highest order in imparting knowledge of English.
ACE wants to grow into a family of 12000 people by end of 2025. We aim to give preference to educate housewives following the notion a learned mother creates a learned family and thereby empower India.


At ACE, we believe that we need to Think in English to Talk in English. Therefore, we encourage our students to think in English using activity prompts. ACE employs activity-based learning to create better and prolonged recall of our training pertaining to Spoken English. As far as, language exams are concerned, the focus of ACE is on allowing the students to assess their strengths and weakness and correct them and thus become successful in the exams. We plan the batches accordingly.
Fluency training batches are small in size which need interaction among students. While, exam-based courses at ACE are done on one-on-one basis to ensure success.


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While we support the fact that there is no one best way to learn a language, we firmly believe that the need to communicate in a language is what drives people to learn English. When we need to communicate, we have to convert our thoughts into words and vice versa. Therefore, we need to think in English when we want to talk in English. That’s why the curriculum, learning supports such as pictorial aids, reading material, assignments and daily exercises are designed to improve your ability to think in English. At ACE we truly believe and follow the mantra – “THINK IN ENGLISH TO TALK IN ENGLISH”

Undoubtedly, ACE’s commitment to give the best to its students is a prime reason where we do not have bigger batches than 5 per batch in the online class and 8 per batch in classroom learning.  The batches are so designed to include all the students in exercises and role-play so as to allow people to learn from each other. However, we also conduct one to one training for all courses.

It would be false to say that an Online course is all benefits and no drawbacks. The classroom gives you the seriousness of learning and the responsibility to deliver and learn is higher. But as a medium, it is equally good. Besides, it has a list of benefits to following such as no travel, your own selected time in your home without inhibitions like fear for failure, nervousness and shyness. If you are sincere about learning Online training is a lot better. However, we would not like to compare self-paced learning with the support of just videos and materials where the purpose is completely different.

Spoken English is a course of fluency where the expectation of performance is minimal and one needs to be only fluent in English to express his ideas and at the same time understand what others are communicating. The binding limitations such as level of vocabulary, grammatic usage and tonal importance are minimal. English Language exams will check your ability to communicate as well as adhere to conventional norms of language usage. These exams verify your ability in such usage and the level of communicability you display with the language.

Yes, we guarantee you the result but when you participate with equal sincerity and focus. There is a constant endeavour at ACE to make students inclusive in our efforts to achieve better results, but the participation from the student’s part should be equal if not more. This is not just a disclaimer; it is a statement made after years of experience where we see that not many students are as focused as we want them to be.  To enhance their participation ACE has a policy of giving certificates, gifts and discounts to the achieving students who have performed well, especially in the language exams category.



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A Brief profile of Sai Nath Reddy

B.S Sainath Reddy, is the Founding Owner of Academy of Comprehensive English, ACE floated in February 2016. He has entered the training English business in 2016 as a franchisee of a Delhi based leading Spoken English Training Company in Kakinada, a coastal town of Andhra Pradesh. Not able to garner the right kind of support and teaching staff from the franchisors, he trained himself and got separated and set up his own institute and groomed it to bring out the best results for his students. He has since then penned two books "ACE IELTS” and “Elementary Grammar for Intermedial English”, which are due to be published. In the past 5 years, he had trained around 900 students and 250 of them for IELTS. A large portion of them has secured the score as per their set targets. With an aim to widen the base of the institute, he is now shifted the institute to Hyderabad of Telangana state.


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