The General Training version of the IELTS course aims at making applicants prepare themselves as per the score they need to achieve to convert their dreams into reality. The test has four modules Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. This course covers all four modules in 30 hours and 5 Mock tests. The coaching is given in two modes, firstly 5 classes per week, home practice on weekends, secondly 5 classes on weekends, and home preparation throughout the week. The course has been supported with class-wise lessons and additional readings to steer their understanding further. By the end of the course, the students will gain 360 degrees understanding of the test, best practices and tips, and enough confidence to face the test. If you want to ensure sure success in your IELTS pursuit, take the PRE-ASSESSMENT TEST and join NOW.

What you will Learn?

  • Understanding IELTS - which is foundational to the performance at the test.
  • Understanding 4 Modules & Scoring - Giving the students insight into how to score better.
  • Common Mistakes Committed - especially in writing which will help students reform themselves.
  • Mastering Letter Writing - Writing Task 1.
  • Mastering Essay Writing - Writing Task 2.
  • Speaking Overview - Understanding the Test and common challenges.
  • Speaking Practice - Practice part-wise questions and Tips to overcome the challenges.
  • Listening Overview - Understanding the Test and common challenges
  • Listening Practice - Discuss each type of Question and Tips to overcome the challenges.
  • Reading Overview - Understanding the Test and common challenges
  • Reading Practice - Discuss each type of Question and Tips to overcome the challenges.
  • Practice Tests - to help students practice the learning and overcome their shortcomings
  • Mock tests - to familiarize and fine-tune the individual mistakes.

Course Requirements
IELTS GENERAL TRAINING is a preparation test of Language Proficiency, taken by aspirants aiming to immigrate to the countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa where English is the primary language of communication.  The current ability of these students will be evaluated against the target score and shall be suggested to join a similar batch to ensure the best results. However, our primary advice is to join a one-on-one training batch.

Course Currilcum

    • Understanding IELTS Unlimited
    • Overview of the IELTS Exam Unlimited
    • The Most Common Mistakes in English Unlimited
    • Mistakes of Verbs & Subject-Verb Agreement Unlimited
    • Other Common Mistakes Unlimited
    • Sentence Structures Unlimited
    • Speed Reading Technique Unlimited
    • Overview of the Writing Task Unlimited
    • An Overview of Writing Letters Unlimited
    • Letter Writing – The Plan & Process Unlimited
    • Letter Writing – Practise Unlimited
    • An Overview of Writing Essays Unlimited
    • Essay Writing – The plan & Process Unlimited
    • Essay Writing – The plan & Process (2) Unlimited
    • Essay Writing – The Practice Unlimited
    • An Overview of IELTS Speaking Test Unlimited
    • Speaking Task – Section 1 Unlimited
    • Speaking Task – Section 2 Unlimited
    • Speaking Task – Section 3 Unlimited
    • An Overview of Listening Task Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Form Completion Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Table Completion Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Note Completion Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Flow Chart Completion Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Sentence Completion Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Summary Completion Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Short Answer Questions Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Diagram Labeling Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Multiple Choice Questions Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Matching Questions Unlimited
    • Listening Task – Map Labeling Unlimited
    • An Overview of Reading Task Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Sentence Completion Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Summary Completion Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Note Completion Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Table Completion Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Flow Chart Completion Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Diagram Labeling Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Short Answer Question Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Multiple Choice Questions Unlimited
    • Reading Task -Matching Features Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Matching Information Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Matching Sentence Endings Unlimited
    • Reading Task – Matching Paragraph Titles Unlimited
    • Reding Task – True, False or Not Given / Yes, No or Not Given Unlimited

    Course Instructors

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    Sainath Reddy Bheri

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